mollyconnolly (mollyconnolly) wrote in molly_connolly,


I'm NOT going to fucking wenatchee to see Say Anything.

I think Max is avoiding me.
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June 1 2005, 19:49:53 UTC 12 years ago

hey its max
this is the funniest/best thing i have ever seen DUDE
i am not a rockstar but merely cannot find something new and interesting to say to the nearly identical 100 ims i get a day, most of which i try to respond to. when i say brb i either have to go somewhere or am trying to talk to another of the 100 people. if i was a rock star i wouldn't post my screename on, and i would also have a lot of money. which i dont. i appreciate you a lot and especially this website because it is hilarious!
my gf likes the barbie pictures, she found this website for me. i hope you continue to poke fun at stupid people in bands who think they are too cool, and i hope this website continues to parody my short attention span and feable attempt to relate to fans. however, i hope you do continue to love me and i hope you change your mind and do come to our show!!!! perhaps even introduce yourself as the molly connolly site guy (I'll just forget your name to be honest teehee)!
anyway thanks a lot i have to go do lines of coke off a stripper's breasts j\k
Oh...I just slid out my chair due to a sudden and unexpected lack of friction!

If this is for real and you once again think I'm a guy, Max...I just died a little inside. If you were only kidding, I love you all the more. In a very Helena loves Demetrius sort of way. (In all seriousness though. It's hard to go up to a person you admire when you know nothing about them other than their music rocks and say something witty and memorable that won't make you get a restraining order. If I ever do get a chance to see you at a show I will most certainly identify long as you promise not to have me thrown from the building).

If this is some sick perverted joke...I hate you. You're evil and you uhh SUCK! HA! You also kind of rule though. So thank you, anonymous non-Max fuckhead. = )
wenatchee--what the fuck?
im heading down to portland instead.
wait...we are not? going to the wenatchee show? i thought we were gonna go to wenatchee and portland? i want my double stuff sa bitch. ahahahha.

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