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Ahh're a rockstar's anti-rockstar!

So, it really was Max...and now I don't know what to do with myself. I shall walk around in circles until someone confirms how fucking awesome this is.

[17:33] mollyconnolly3: yo whatup Max?
[17:34] mollyconnolly3: did you find a website about you recently?
[17:36] SAYANYTHINGMAX: i did
[17:36] SAYANYTHINGMAX: my girflriend did
[17:36] SAYANYTHINGMAX: see girlfriend in icon!
[17:36] mollyconnolly3: so that really was you?
[17:36] mollyconnolly3: sweet...hope you weren't offended
[17:37] SAYANYTHINGMAX: nope!
[17:37] SAYANYTHINGMAX: its funny!
[17:37] mollyconnolly3: yay! I'm so glad you think so. Oh, and in case you were worried...not gonna stalk you or anything. = )
[17:38] SAYANYTHINGMAX: no prob
[17:38] mollyconnolly3: So uhh...we've been debating something. When you called me dude again that was a joke right?
[17:40] mollyconnolly3: no reason...just wondering. Anyway, what's up with playing Wenatchee? Did you lose a bet?
[17:42] SAYANYTHINGMAX: hahahah
[17:43] SAYANYTHINGMAX: not sure
[17:44] mollyconnolly3: Have you been there before? Eastern WA sucks ass. Mostly cause I'm too broke to get there.
[17:44] mollyconnolly3: and I've never seen your show
[17:44] SAYANYTHINGMAX: hmmmm
[17:45] mollyconnolly3: yup...this love and admiration is purely based on whatever I can buy trade and download.
[17:46] SAYANYTHINGMAX: one day this year
[17:46] SAYANYTHINGMAX: we will play seattle
[17:47] mollyconnolly3: YES! Now that's what I wanna hear! If it's not in one of those cheesy all ages venues I'll buy you a drink!
[17:47] SAYANYTHINGMAX: it is
[17:48] mollyconnolly3: okay...then I'll buy you (and your girlfriend?) one after? = )
[17:54] mollyconnolly3:'re busy being accosted by other fans. Thanks for talking to me!
[17:55] SAYANYTHINGMAX: no prob dude
[17:55] SAYANYTHINGMAX: thanks for the site!
[17:55] SAYANYTHINGMAX: peace
[17:55] *** "SAYANYTHINGMAX" signed off at Mon Jun 06 17:55:54 2005.

Sure, the fucktard called me dude again, but in my head it's starting to be a term of endearment. So, who's going to the Seattle show with me?!? = ) As long as you're not fifteen and don't have pictures of Max all over your room (it's only okay when I do that) you're welcome.

Haha! Take THAT girl who got him to say he doesn't like cake!
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