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"all I need is your love, and a revolution": for Max

Hi, big Say Anything fan (blah blah yeah you've heard it all before)... Anyways, I just wanted to post an IM I sent Max tonight. I've never had any response back from him but I thought I'd leave him something good to read, which I hope he did.

loadedhearts13 (12:38:12 AM): I know you're not there right now, and even if you do get this you probably won't have time to read it due to the hundreds of other random IMs you get from fans but I thought I'd day hello anyways. This probably sounds extremely cliche and you most likely hear it all the time, but I wanted you to know how much your music means to me. I am trying to get into a career in the business and the way you create the music you want and the way you want without letting other people tell you what to dot is really influential to me.I think your songs are amazing and the lyrics seem so completely honest, which is something I can definitely appreciate. I also agree with what you posted on the website about your having to go to a psychiatric hospital, I love your music even more for this (especially since I'm a little crazy myself ;-) ) I was slightly disappointed that you were unable to come to Massachusetts to perform this summer but I already bought tickets for your show in Connecticut Oct. 23. Hopefully you will be feeling at your best by this time, I'm very excited to see you live again having seen you at the Bamboozle and a few other shows. I've been impressed by the awesome shows you guys have put on in the past and can't wait to be part of another crowd screaming along to each song. Please continue to create and inspire, we appreciate you! (cheesy I know) Haha, well anyways if you did read all this I hope it meant something to you. Thanks for everything. <3 Ari

i think it's a good summary of my feelings about SA and Max and I just thought I'd share it would other fans who could appreciate what I said to him.
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