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home is where the hurt is

cause it's far away from you

Molly Connolly Ruined My Life
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★ Everyone has a Max Bemis! ★

The elusive Max Bemis...how I try to impress you with my schoolgirl ramblings and confessions of love!

Have you tried to talk to Max? What did he say to you? Was he as charming and eloquent as you'd imagine someone of his talent must be? Did he call you dude, break your heart and leave you to quietly weep in your room over the memory? What did you say? What did he say? Let's rehash and overanalyze!

Go to one of Say Anything's shows or see them on TV? What did you think?

I guess communities need rules right? I have a few...

★ Nobody is allowed to be mean or I'll delete the meanness
★ No off-topic junk...especially off-topic community pimping (that will get deleted)
★ If I hear of you harrassing Max for the sake of something to post, you'll be banned

This community is for people who love Say Anything and Max Bemis as an artist and for people who have a Max Bemis in their lives who inspire them and, at the same time, don't really acknowledge their love/existance. Any anti-Max sentiment will be removed. = )

Okay that's it. Yay!