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Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2008|01:17 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

 Max is now going out with SHERRI DUPREE ...wtf !!
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2008|08:29 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

 Does max still go on his IM ??
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2006|08:48 am]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

Max, I don't know if you've ever looked here again, but now they you are getting radio play you'd better acknowledge who stalked/loved you first.
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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2006|01:21 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

Max is on MTV.com

click this link right here.

Oh and HAHA!

My link works better than the one they posted on myspace!
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Before I forget and in case you live under a rock = ) [Mar. 13th, 2006|03:39 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

Say Anything has a MySpace page that's pretty helpful in the stalking department!

SEE??? Here it is!
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I know it's been a while [Mar. 13th, 2006|12:28 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

But a girl's gotta work right?

So as SA gets more and more famous (read: mainstream) I don't know what the fate of this community is. Does more fame equal even less access to Max? I guess we will see. Until then I'm opening up the community to ANY and all news about SA.

Talk about their shows, post pictures, talk about the crazy sex dream you had about Max...anything!
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"all I need is your love, and a revolution": for Max [Aug. 30th, 2005|12:48 am]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |say anything (of course)- signal the riflemen]

Hi, big Say Anything fan (blah blah yeah you've heard it all before)... Anyways, I just wanted to post an IM I sent Max tonight. I've never had any response back from him but I thought I'd leave him something good to read, which I hope he did.

loadedhearts13 (12:38:12 AM): I know you're not there right now, and even if you do get this you probably won't have time to read it due to the hundreds of other random IMs you get from fans but I thought I'd day hello anyways. This probably sounds extremely cliche and you most likely hear it all the time, but I wanted you to know how much your music means to me. I am trying to get into a career in the business and the way you create the music you want and the way you want without letting other people tell you what to dot is really influential to me.I think your songs are amazing and the lyrics seem so completely honest, which is something I can definitely appreciate. I also agree with what you posted on the website about your having to go to a psychiatric hospital, I love your music even more for this (especially since I'm a little crazy myself ;-) ) I was slightly disappointed that you were unable to come to Massachusetts to perform this summer but I already bought tickets for your show in Connecticut Oct. 23. Hopefully you will be feeling at your best by this time, I'm very excited to see you live again having seen you at the Bamboozle and a few other shows. I've been impressed by the awesome shows you guys have put on in the past and can't wait to be part of another crowd screaming along to each song. Please continue to create and inspire, we appreciate you! (cheesy I know) Haha, well anyways if you did read all this I hope it meant something to you. Thanks for everything. <3 Ari

i think it's a good summary of my feelings about SA and Max and I just thought I'd share it would other fans who could appreciate what I said to him.
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Ahh Max...you're a rockstar's anti-rockstar! [Jun. 6th, 2005|06:08 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

So, it really was Max...and now I don't know what to do with myself. I shall walk around in circles until someone confirms how fucking awesome this is.

[17:33] mollyconnolly3: yo whatup Max?
[17:34] mollyconnolly3: did you find a website about you recently?
[17:36] SAYANYTHINGMAX: i did
[17:36] SAYANYTHINGMAX: my girflriend did
[17:36] SAYANYTHINGMAX: see girlfriend in icon!
[17:36] mollyconnolly3: so that really was you?
[17:36] mollyconnolly3: sweet...hope you weren't offended
[17:37] SAYANYTHINGMAX: nope!
[17:37] SAYANYTHINGMAX: its funny!
[17:37] mollyconnolly3: yay! I'm so glad you think so. Oh, and in case you were worried...not gonna stalk you or anything. = )
[17:38] SAYANYTHINGMAX: no prob
[17:38] mollyconnolly3: So uhh...we've been debating something. When you called me dude again that was a joke right?
[17:40] mollyconnolly3: no reason...just wondering. Anyway, what's up with playing Wenatchee? Did you lose a bet?
[17:42] SAYANYTHINGMAX: hahahah
[17:43] SAYANYTHINGMAX: not sure
[17:44] mollyconnolly3: Have you been there before? Eastern WA sucks ass. Mostly cause I'm too broke to get there.
[17:44] mollyconnolly3: and I've never seen your show
[17:44] SAYANYTHINGMAX: hmmmm
[17:45] mollyconnolly3: yup...this love and admiration is purely based on whatever I can buy trade and download.
[17:46] SAYANYTHINGMAX: one day this year
[17:46] SAYANYTHINGMAX: we will play seattle
[17:47] mollyconnolly3: YES! Now that's what I wanna hear! If it's not in one of those cheesy all ages venues I'll buy you a drink!
[17:47] SAYANYTHINGMAX: it is
[17:48] mollyconnolly3: okay...then I'll buy you (and your girlfriend?) one after? = )
[17:54] mollyconnolly3: anyway...you're busy being accosted by other fans. Thanks for talking to me!
[17:55] SAYANYTHINGMAX: no prob dude
[17:55] SAYANYTHINGMAX: thanks for the site!
[17:55] SAYANYTHINGMAX: peace
[17:55] *** "SAYANYTHINGMAX" signed off at Mon Jun 06 17:55:54 2005.

Sure, the fucktard called me dude again, but in my head it's starting to be a term of endearment. So, who's going to the Seattle show with me?!? = ) As long as you're not fifteen and don't have pictures of Max all over your room (it's only okay when I do that) you're welcome.

Haha! Take THAT girl who got him to say he doesn't like cake!
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Could this be some sick joke??? [Jun. 1st, 2005|01:30 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

So, I log on this morning for work and WHAM...there's a new molly_connolly comment...

hey its max
this is the funniest/best thing i have ever seen DUDE
i am not a rockstar but merely cannot find something new and interesting to say to the nearly identical 100 ims i get a day, most of which i try to respond to. when i say brb i either have to go somewhere or am trying to talk to another of the 100 people. if i was a rock star i wouldn't post my screename on, and i would also have a lot of money. which i dont. i appreciate you a lot and especially this website because it is hilarious!
my gf likes the barbie pictures, she found this website for me. i hope you continue to poke fun at stupid people in bands who think they are too cool, and i hope this website continues to parody my short attention span and feable attempt to relate to fans. however, i hope you do continue to love me and i hope you change your mind and do come to our show!!!! perhaps even introduce yourself as the molly connolly site guy (I'll just forget your name to be honest teehee)!
anyway thanks a lot i have to go do lines of coke off a stripper's breasts j\k

Sadly, I have no way of authenitcating this comment, but I think that for now I shall just blindly believe that it's really him. And weep into my already tear stained pillow I save just for crying about Max.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2005|12:45 am]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life


I'm NOT going to fucking wenatchee to see Say Anything.

I think Max is avoiding me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2005|02:09 am]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

I updated the community info. Here it is! Woohoo!

I had to add a few rules. (I know...BOO! but I had to!)

Also, In case you can't tell I'm not the type who aggressively tells people about their communities because I think that's annoying, but if you have any friends who you think might want to join let them know about it!


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From a while back... [Apr. 12th, 2005|08:18 am]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

If you like cake, click hereCollapse )

My friend just told me about this community and as I've been up to this trick for quite awhile, I thought I'd post some lame things I've said to him. I never have much sucess, I think it's because of the truly obnoxious screenname including song lyrics. I do my best.
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conversation from Dec 30th [Mar. 2nd, 2005|11:17 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

[18:44] me: Hey Max? What would you do if someone stole your songs, repackaged them, and took all the credit for them?
[18:44] Max: i would be mad!
[18:45] me: but what would you do?
[18:45] Max: donno
[18:46] me: do you think doing the same thing back to them would be a little petty
[18:46] Max: yes
[18:47] Max: did someone do that to you
[18:47] me: yes = ( and I'm pissed, but I don't know what to do
[18:48] Max: oh man
[18:48] Max: were you guys in a band together
[18:49] me: actually, I'm a photographer and I take pictures of bands...and this guy i took pictures of stole the pictures of himself, edited them and is now passing them off as his
[18:50] Max: thats pretty shitty dude
[18:52] me: sorry to bug you with this = )
[18:52] Max: no bug
[18:53] me: So, what have you been up to?
[18:53] Max: nothin
[18:53] Max: brb

...he never did come back...but I think I may have figured out how to get him to talk, but I guess I wasn't interesting enough.

If only I were actually in a band. Then he'd like me.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2005|11:05 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life
I told Max I loved him

He said Thank You

That was all.
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(no subject) [Dec. 30th, 2004|07:03 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

jethra is trashy: happy holidays you talented sexy maxxx
jethra is trashy: although i'm a jew. i often wonder if you are as well.... but who knows. anyway, happy happy holidays to you.
SayAnything16: to you too
jethra is trashy: why thank you for the response. take care my sweet rock star..sweet like muffin batter and frosting. ta!
SayAnything16 signed off at 10:52:37 PM.
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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2004|08:03 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

I tried to talk to him online again just now....but he's not answering!

Here's what I asked him: 1. When you were five what did you want to be? 2. If you had to have an animal surgically attached to you to stay alive what animal would you pick? 3. What music have you been listening to lately? 4. How much would you be interested in or oppose having a "sugar momma"? Sorry about that being more than three. I figured I'd asked before you disappeared again.


Oh Max. What do I have to do to get your attention?
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It just goes to show that talking to your heroes isn't always the best idea! [Dec. 16th, 2004|04:43 pm]
Molly Connolly Ruined My Life

[Current Music |sayanything+allmyfriends]

XXXXXXXX: Hey, my name's XXXX. My friends and I have been trying to find a way to say hello and thanks for the music. I give up trying to find the right words though. Thank you.

sayanything16: thanks dude

...then he signed off.

But it makes me love him all the more for being a rockstar while pretending not to be. A five minute AIM appearance during which he called me a guy still made my heart jump up into my throat. Max you magnificent bastard!
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