Amanda (donttakemyname) wrote in molly_connolly,

From a while back...

treblinkaisalive: do you like making fun of 12 year olds?
SayAnything16: nope
treblinkaisalive: really? i do. Its cleansing
treblinkaisalive: you should try it sometime
SayAnything16: whats wrong with 12 year olds
treblinkaisalive: nothing, theyre just easy to make fun of. sometimes you have to be ruthless
treblinkaisalive: for self interests of course
SayAnything16: perhaps
treblinkaisalive: come on, how could you NOT? it's like not laughing when someone falls, its just instinct
SayAnything16: i donno
treblinkaisalive: well, you could try it on me if you want. im not 12, but you could proabably use some practice if you've never done it.
SayAnything16: thatsokay
treblinkaisalive: okay, but the offer stands.
treblinkaisalive: do you like cake?
SayAnything16: no
treblinkaisalive: really? why not?
treblinkaisalive: i love cake
SayAnything16: just not a fan
treblinkaisalive: what do you like?
treblinkaisalive: any sort of pastry?
SayAnything16: brb
treblinkaisalive: are you giving me the "brb" ?
SayAnything16: yup i'm gonna take a bath
treblinkaisalive: really? thats good.
treblinkaisalive: hygiene is important
treblinkaisalive: may i ask who this is?
SayAnything16: max
SayAnything16: brb

My friend just told me about this community and as I've been up to this trick for quite awhile, I thought I'd post some lame things I've said to him. I never have much sucess, I think it's because of the truly obnoxious screenname including song lyrics. I do my best.
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