mollyconnolly (mollyconnolly) wrote in molly_connolly,

Could this be some sick joke???

So, I log on this morning for work and WHAM...there's a new molly_connolly comment...

hey its max
this is the funniest/best thing i have ever seen DUDE
i am not a rockstar but merely cannot find something new and interesting to say to the nearly identical 100 ims i get a day, most of which i try to respond to. when i say brb i either have to go somewhere or am trying to talk to another of the 100 people. if i was a rock star i wouldn't post my screename on, and i would also have a lot of money. which i dont. i appreciate you a lot and especially this website because it is hilarious!
my gf likes the barbie pictures, she found this website for me. i hope you continue to poke fun at stupid people in bands who think they are too cool, and i hope this website continues to parody my short attention span and feable attempt to relate to fans. however, i hope you do continue to love me and i hope you change your mind and do come to our show!!!! perhaps even introduce yourself as the molly connolly site guy (I'll just forget your name to be honest teehee)!
anyway thanks a lot i have to go do lines of coke off a stripper's breasts j\k

Sadly, I have no way of authenitcating this comment, but I think that for now I shall just blindly believe that it's really him. And weep into my already tear stained pillow I save just for crying about Max.
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